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We have hit the jackpot!

Well maybe not the real one, but for NACC’s Coastal and Marine team, and Friends of Moore River Estuary, learning we have been successful with a Lotterywest Grant, has sparked the same response.

Thanks to a successful grant application, the funds are now available to purchase a water quality monitoring meter that will be used in the new Healthy Estuaries partner-project.

Participants listen in at the recent water quality monitoring training session.
Participants tune in at the recent water quality monitoring training session.

Friends of Moore River Estuary, with support from NACC and the Department of Water, will kick-off this new community water quality monitoring project at the Moore River Estuary this December.

A special training day held in Guilderton, led by Department of Water staff, on Thursday, 15 October 2015, saw community members undertake training in how to appropriately use, care for and calibrate the newly purchased water quality meter.

Attendees were able to get out onto the water, thanks to the generosity of Moore River Tours owner and operator, Phil Cook, and learn the correct water quality sampling techniques necessary to implement the project.

According to Friends of Moore River Estuary community member, Linda Johnson: “Sampling for ecosystem health is a complicated but very worthwhile process and the group is very excited about receiving the new water quality meter and getting the monitoring underway.”

“It was an excellent day and a special thanks to everyone for their input and collaboration in making this project a reality – it is a great team effort.”

The Friends of Moore River Estuary members are now armed with the skills and knowledge to collect accurate and valuable water quality data that will help inform land managers on the current health status of the Moore River Estuary into the future.

It is hoped that this water quality monitoring regime will be slowly rolled out to other interested communities that are passionate about the health of their own backyard estuary, within the Northern Agricultural Region.

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