Midwest Aboriginal Ranger Program Continues to Grow

The Mid West Aboriginal Ranger Program (MARP) has evolved significantly since its commencement in 2017!

The program supports jobs, careers, and training opportunities ‘on-country’, with partner organisations Western Mulga, Kwelena Mambakort Aboriginal Corporation (KMAC) and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (DBCA). NACC NRM is proud to support our partner organisations and participants to identify needs and empower Aboriginal peoples in caring for Country.

MARP has built a program that provides meaningful and sustainable pathways to employment in partnerships with Aboriginal peoples. The next phase of MARP is now being considered by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). This new program will enable ongoing opportunities for the community.

This next phase of MARP seeks to build upon the foundations laid during the current program. It will provide entry-level opportunities as well as career progression opportunities to support participants to emerge as leaders in the natural resource management industry and the community more broadly.

During the delivery of MARP phase 1, regional meetings have provided feedback directly from Traditional Owners and project participants to shape MARP phase 2’s design. This direct stakeholder feedback has helped shape the new program to better accommodate Elders, women, and vulnerable people to access the program. It aims to support increased capacity across project partners to accommodate more rangers. It also advances the development of training opportunities to develop Senior Rangers as community leaders and mentors. This is reflective of the program’s willingness to learn and incorporate community feedback.

This feedback is also being implemented through NACC NRM’s coordination arrangements. The current team of Bianca McNeair and Taj Mamid is poised for expansion.  A new opportunity currently exists for someone to join our Aboriginal Participation team to support the program and deliver community outcomes. If you are an Aboriginal person, interested in project management and passionate about conservation and country we encourage you to contact Kane Watson on 0437 928 136.

Aboriginal Administration Trainee Taj Mamid says the program provides a great opportunity for Indigenous people to work on county.

“We are really looking forward to the continuation and expansion of the project in the next few years,” said Taj, who has been with NACC NRM for over a year.

NACC NRM thanks everyone involved in making MARP a success to date. We are currently looking for the right person to join our NACC NRM team. This person will have a key role in the continuation of the program.

Kane Watson – Programs & Operations Manager

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