Meaty turnout for pasture update

More than 100 pasture experts, NRM practitioners, landholders and industry people from across the region and further afield met in Walkaway last week for the 2016 Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) Pasture Update.

Organised by Evergreen Farming, with support from NACC and ALOSCA technologies, the popular event knuckled down on a range of interesting topics – such as best options for establishing pastures and the setting up of rotational grazing systems to increase production.

The key speakers generated a lot of interest, such as Mr Leon Quilliam, a champion farmer from Tasmania, who shared his wealth of experience on rotational grazing system’s and how he increased beef production on his property to over 1000kg per hectare.

Mr Quilliam told the participants that the best rotational grazing system do not only lead to high production, but when set-up well, also allow farmers to work more efficiently, take some time off, and have more quality time with their family — something every farmer should be able to do.

Earlier in the day, the workshop participants gathered at local farmer Grant Bain’s property east of Walkaway to check out what he has been doing with pastures and grazing. A key highlight included a positive discussion on a well-established new variety of subtropical panic grass MegamaxTM 059 (Megathyrsus maximus).

Department of Agriculture and Food WA’s Geoff Moore – who has been involved in the development of the new variety of panic grass – said Megamax 059 was selected in Australia for its superior growth characteristics, including increased production, high persistence, and cool season tolerance in comparison to other commercial sub-tropical grass cultivars, as well as its tolerance to extended dry periods and short term flooding or waterlogging.

Philip Barrett Lennard of Evergreen Farming, who organised the event, said “It was very pleasing to see a great turnout of attendees.”

“A highlight for me was the excellent presentations by four local farmers on what they are doing on their farm. As one farmer said to me, it was inspiring,” he said.

NACC Regional Landcare Facilitator Stanley Yokwe whose project funded the event congratulated the Evergreen Farming and MLA teams for organising a very successful and informative pasture update in the region.

“NACC is grateful of the fantastic relationships we have with the Meat and Livestock Australia and Evergreen Farming – who are doing their bit to develop farming systems which incorporate profitable, and resilient pastures to advance sustainable farming in our region,” Mr Yokwe said.

This project is supported by NACC, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme as part of the Regional Landcare Facilitator project.

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