Marine Debris Monitoring App Launched

Avid beach clean-up heroes across Australia are rejoicing after Tangaroa Blue announced the launch of the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) App.

The new App provides a platform for citizen scientists and AMDI partners to contribute data from their clean-up activities to the AMDI Database. This data enables the tracking of marine debris and litter items back to the place they originated from so that source reduction plans can be implemented to stop the flow of rubbish into our oceans.

The development of the AMDI App has been supported by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Authority’s Local Marine Advisory Committees, Hunter Local Land Services, Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, Queensland Water & Land Carers, Souther Region Waste Group, Sunshine Coast Council and Unitywater.

Searching for the “Australian Marine Debris Initiative” on the Google Play Store will enable users to download the app for Android devices. The Apple Store version will be available soon.

Heidi Taylor from Tangaroa Blue says the app will make real-time monitoring of pollution easier for the dedicated volunteers working to remove rubbish from our coasts.

“The app is going to make our data collection so much easier as volunteers can automatically record GPS data, add photos and even scan the barcode on rubbish so we can track it back to its source,” says Ms Taylor.

“The AMDI Database helps identify the types and amounts of marine debris impacting specific sites. We work with community, government and industry groups to identify sources to find practical solutions to stop marine debris entering our waterways.”

NACC Coastal and Marine Project Manager Hamish Longbottom says “We were excited to hear the launch of the App and look forward to seeing it used by volunteers in our region. The new App will save volunteers time in sorting and recording marine debris items.

“Tangaroa Blue does amazing work and we are proud to have supported this project.”

This project has been supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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