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Read more to learn about how you can create a simple map for a project proposal or share your project on a map of NRM case studies from all around the region using simple tools available on the NARvis website.

Have you ever needed to make a simple map for a project proposal or a report to a donor? Do you want to show others where your group is located or where your NRM project is being implemented? NACC NRM has included a few mapping resources on the updated NARvis website, the home of our regional NRM strategy.

Visit the Map Your Project page for a tutorial that explains exactly how to open Google Earth and gives step-by-step instructions, with a video, on how to create a map of your project. You can export your map as an image for your report, or you can save it as a spatial file (.kml) and Share Your Project

On the Share Your Project page, fill in a simple form to give us a little bit of information about your group and your project, upload your .kml file, your logo and a few pics and provide a link to your Website or Facebook page.

We will then display your project on the NARvis Project Case Studies map. For example, Friends of Moore River Estuary submitted their proposal for a new regional conservation park between Two Rocks and Guilderton, as in the picture below.

If you would like to submit your project for inclusion on the Project Case Studies map but are struggling with Google Earth or with completing the online form, we can help you!

Get in touch with NACC’s Conservation Planning Officer, Amanda Bourne, on 0474 652 595 or and she will give you a hand.

Dr. Amanda Bourne – Senior Conservation Planning Officer

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