Malleefowl murals and community connections

Earlier this month, NACC collaborated with the Shire of Perenjori and Greening Australia to celebrate the magic of the Malleefowl with a unique art activity in the streets of Perenjori.

A dozen or so Midwest locals (both young and young at heart), together with Badimaya artist Delys Fraser, brought out their creative sides to paint a Malleefowl Mural in the heart of the town.

The plan for the artwork – set in the local playground – was to paint a Malleefowl on one of the central rocks already located there, and then have tracks leading towards the bird. This would mean that when the shrubs which surround the rock are fully grown, people will still be able to follow the tracks and find the elusive bird.

Follow the footprints through Perenjori!
Follow the footprints through Perenjori!

The eager workshop participants also had the chance to build a model Malleefowl mound (which was soon taken over by the local native bees), to colour in NACC’s new Malleefowl colouring-in sheet (see for more details), eat some delicious fresh damper, and learn more about the threats to the Malleefowl and how they can help save this threatened species.

NACC Biodiversity Coordinator Jessica Stingemore attended the event and said one of the many highlights from the day was talking to Delys about her experience with Malleefowl, and how the local Badimaya people have been conserving their habitat.

“It was interesting to hear that having lived in the area for most to her life, Delys has only ever seen two birds in the wild,” she said. “This just shows just how rare and cryptic these birds really are.”

Shire of Perenjori President Laurie Butler congratulated all who were involved in the project, and said it was great to have the workshop in the centre of the town.

Badimaya artist Delys Fraser poses with the final product.
Badimaya artist Delys Fraser poses with the final product.


“It was a great mix of art, education, conservation and learning about our rich indigenous culture,” he said.

Next time you are passing through Perenjori, why not make a stop-over in the Geoff Trott Memorial Park and search for the Mallefowl yourself.

This project is supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, the Shire of Perenjori, and Greening Australia – through funding from the National Landcare Program 20 Million Trees Program.

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Awesome work everyone – and thanks Delys for sharing your talents and bringing culture into a community park.

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