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That is, the 97% seedling survival rate at Greenough River, another positive example of collaborative success in the Northern Agricultural Region.

Greenough River is a haven for an amazing range of birds, from the elegant egrets and herons to the majestic osprey and ubiquitous pelican.

Unfortunately though, vehicle access has badly damaged the important bird breeding area at Pelican Loop.


NACC has been working together with the City of Greater Geraldton, Green Army and Greenough Regional Prison, to design and construct fencing to prevent access to the area and also rolled out jute matting to help encourage natural regeneration in some eroded areas.

Other eroded areas were revegetated with more than 700 native seedlings grown by the City of Greater Geraldton’s Community Nursery. In addition, tree guards were used to protect the seedlings from rabbit grazing and wind damage.

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At a site inspection in mid-November, NACC’s NRM Officer Heather Legge observed that more than 97% of the seedlings were alive and thriving.

Ms Legge congratulated the City of Greater Geraldton and said, “It is really exciting to see the complete transformation of the degraded site and I look forward to seeing how it looks in the future.”

City of Greater Geraldton’s Environmental Planning Officer Bronte Grant said, “Even though we are unable to water the trees because there is no vehicle access to the site, I am really confident we’ll have a high success rate over summer because the seedlings were very high quality, planted well and they have established well already.”

Ongoing follow-up management is critical for success in environmental restoration projects and any new small boxthorn plants that regenerate, will be removed by the Green Army.

The site will also be improved with signage upgrades.

If you would like to visit Greenough River, why not walk the Greenough River Nature Trail and observe the varied species of waterbirds and other wildlife. More information on the trial can be found on the Visit Geraldton website.

This project is funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.


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Thanks for getting onto the box thorn. Our ten acres is close to this area and we do our best to stop every box thorn bush we see. Really appreciated that the open areas are being controlled.

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