Local Students’ Cultural Experience at Ellendale Pool

Our Aboriginal Custodianship Program Coordinator Priscilla Papertalk and Aboriginal Custodianship Project Officer Cynthia Indich with support from Lynsey Allen our Biodiversity Officer had the opportunity on the 11th August to go to Ellendale Pool and support a Geraldton Grammar School outing.

The group of year 8 students were presented the opportunity to learn about the significance of the Ellendale Pool, how it is a place of meetings for our Ancestors of the tribes Wajarri, Amangu, and Naaguja Peoples for sharing their stories.

This was a great opportunity to support the children to learn safety about rivers and how we respect Bimarra the water serpent who protects us, and the area surrounding Geraldton. Splitting into two groups, we shared the importance to show respect by throwing sand in the water. The children also learnt about when is it a good time to swim at Ellendale and the risk of Meningitis.

Geraldton Grammar School teachers discussed geography and history, teaching the correct terminology when looking at Ellendale Pool. We discussed how much it has changed over time with weathering and how the ledges are nearly disappearing.

The kids listened as I told them to think of Geraldton as being flat and nothing here and this Pool is from when the Geraldton region was made.

It’s always good to sit on the ground and listen, take everything out of your head and listen. We encouraged the children to be still, observe, and count how many birds they could hear.

Lynsey Allen took the opportunity to discuss revegetation and tree growth. She used an example of trees that she planted with an environmental team in 2016, giving context for the students by describing the size of the seedlings that were originally planted, and pointed out how big the trees had grown over this time frame. This was a good visual for the kids and demonstrated how any works that they do now will have a huge impact on the future of the area.

We appreciate the invitation from Geraldton Grammar School Staff and Students. This was a good day shared by NACC NRM and our team to support understanding of our Culture and Environment, we hope this knowledge can be there for the future generations to come.

Priscilla Papertalk – Aboriginal Custodianship Program Coordinator

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