Local grants foster farming innovation and sustainability

27 April 2017

Local sustainable agriculture grants are encouraging innovation, and the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices to address important issues facing local farmers across WA’s Northern Agricultural Region (NAR).

Six new innovative on-farm demonstration projects have been announced to support long-term management and sustainable production through Round 6 of the Northern Agriculture Catchments Council (NACC)’s Innovative Farming Demonstration Grants.

“NACC is really impressed with the range of demonstration project and the quality of the applications supported through this grant round,” said NACC’s Carbon Farming Coordinator Sarah Jeffery.  “We have funded everything from horticulture, native perennial grasses, broad-acre and poultry, with projects working across 12 properties.

The six on-farm demonstration projects funded through Round 6 of the grants are:

  • Increasing the productivity and stability of poor sands in the West Midlands by better managing perennial grasses – West Midlands Group.
  • Native perennial grasses – Greening Australia.
  • Increasing yield to deliver international competiveness through sustainable resource management – Western Citrus Alliance.
  • Native fodder systems – Inlander Pty Ltd.
  • On-farm poultry litter management technology demonstration, compliant with BAM Act 2016 – Spartel Pty Ltd.
  • Improving the outcomes of sowing serradella by using clay – West Midlands Group.

“Given the diversity and standard of this round, I am already looking forward to seeing the results and the help they provide to farmers across the region,” said Sarah.

To stay up to date on the results from these projects, and from projects from previous rounds, go to http://www.nacc.com.au/project/farm-demonstrations/

This project is supported by the Northern Agriculture Catchments Council (NACC), through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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