Local farmers invited to have their say in the Australian Farmer Climate Survey

Farmers in the Northern Agricultural Region are encouraged to participate in a national survey currently being conducted by Australian Farmers for Climate Action to look more closely at the impacts of our changing climate, and the actions that farmers are taking across the country.

Picture: S. de Vries
Picture: S. de Vries

NACC Deputy Chair and MidWest farmer Kent Broad said he has already filled-in the survey, and encouraged other farmers in the region to do the same.

“There’s lots of information available now about the changes that have happened to our climate over the past 40 or 50 years,” said Kent, “but not much of it comes from farmers themselves. This is a real gap.

“But now we have an opportunity to address that gap. The Australian Farmers Climate Survey provides farmers with chance to highlight what’s happening on their land, and to hopefully provide new information that can be used to address some of the issues we’re facing.”

The Australian Farmer Climate Survey (which Kent said only took about five minutes to complete) will gather information about the kinds of changes that farmers are already seeing on their land and in their districts – such as reduced or altered rainfall, higher temperatures, increased frequency of heat stress or temperature extremes, shorter or changed growing seasons, etc. – and which of those impacts most concern them.

NACC CEO Richard McLellan echoed Mr Broad’s comments and encouraged farmers in the Northern Agricultural Region to contribute to they survey.

“I often hear about the impacts of climate change when I am out in the region with farmers, and am aware of what they are doing to address these changes on their farms and properties,” he said.

“So I hope, even though farmers in our region are busy starting the harvest season, that you can find time to fill in this valuable survey.”

The survey is also asking farmers how they are responding to changing climatic conditions and their impacts, as well as any barriers that are stopping them from acting.

Those who do complete it will go in the running to win a solar and battery system worth $15,000.

You can take the survey here or for more information, contact the Australian Farmers for Climate Action. 

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