Living with Nature Project Kicks Off

By Alison Goundrey, Conservation Council of Western Australia

The Living with Nature project has kicked off with a busy May weekend covering some of the preliminaries for this ‘two year and beyond’ program with site assessments, pit trap installations, and bird banding.

We are oversubscribed with offers from bushland owners keen to join the slash and mulch management trial. This is a key component of the project, as we strive to find alternative ways to regenerate senescent heathland with its many rewards. In particular, as a Carnaby Black -Cockatoo food source and in fuel reduction to assist fire management. We have found some excellent sites for further pit trap installation for the ground fauna monitoring!

The banding team had two sites and were able to add further to the data for the bush bird research project. There was great interest in the ‘bat bycatch’ when a Lesser Long -eared bat met the mist nets and another was recorded on our bat metre.

The next steps for Living With Nature include installing the balance of the pit traps on selected properties, confirming first ground fauna monitoring dates, and selection of properties for the slashing and mulching ahead of September 1-5 Flora Surveys.

Thank you to the local landowners, Seaview Park Community Ass, CCWA volunteers and school students clocking up volunteer hours. Our grateful thanks to NACC NRM for their support of this project.

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