Living on Burrowed Time

Are you living in the Northern Agricultural Region and have a rabbit problem? Then NACC wants you!

NACC is looking for interested participants in the Northern Agricultural Region to get involved with our RHDV1-K5 release.

RHDV1 is Rabbit specific and will not infect humans, other animals or native species. It is highly contagious and is spread by flies and biting insects, direct rabbit to rabbit contact and can even be spread through the faeces of predators that have fed on infected rabbit carcasses.

If you would like to be involved or want any more information please contact NACC’s Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator Annabelle Garratt on or 0448 986 879.


Dear Annabelle,
My husband Michael and I are very interested in the rabbit control. The was a huge reduction in the rabbits recently, however they are rapidly increasing again.
We would like to know what else can be done to reduce their numbers further. We have done all we can do but unless everybody comes on board it is only a drop in the ocean.
Our e-mail address is

Look forward to hearing from you.
Leone Marsh


Thanks for contacting us. Belle will contact you direct via email.

All the best

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