Let’s go hunting for Banksia

NACC staff and more than 20 local community members recently joined WWF-Australia and Jurien Bay Regional Herbarium to conduct a rare flora search in the heart of our region.

 The cohort of keen volunteers met at Minyolo Nature Reserve with a shared hope of finding a new population of Banksia prionophylla.

Volunteers on the look out for the rare Banksia.
Volunteers on the look out for the rare Banksia.

 Banksia prionophylla is a rare and poorly known species, identified from only one population on the planet. It grows to about 60cm in height, and is a lignotuberous, branching, small shrub with a woody stem. Banksia prionophylla flowers in July and the flowers are yellow but inconspicuous.

A key feature of the plant is its upright and tough leaves, which typically tend to twist around to show the underside of the leaves.

bansia 2

While the target Banksia was not spotted, the group had a fantastic time (despite the many pepper ticks) and were fortunate to view a translocation site of the threatened Grevillea calliantha (listed as Endangered under the EPBC Act 1990).

“It was wonderful to have such strong community support for Florablitz, with 20 volunteers joining in the hunt for Banksia prionophylla on Saturday,” said event organiser Shenaye Hummerston.

“We covered a lot of ground and unfortunately did not find any new plants, showing just how rare this plant really is.”

“The Jurien Bay Regional Herbarium Group volunteers will continue to search for this and other rare and poorly known species in the region and new volunteers are always welcome.”

If you have seen Banksia prionophylla or would like to help search for it please contact Shenaye Hummerston on 0455 066 897 or shummerston@wwf.org.au.




leaves are a poor id for a plant. You need to show pics of flowers and cones. Also you need to give info on the habitat, ie on gravel, in swampy winter soils, alone creek lines and associated species etc.

Good luck

lj (native seed collector south of the area )

ps spray for ticks with deet based spray as you would with mozzies, concentrating on boots, socks, ankles, belt line and shoulders. Spray the inside of the car from time to time.

Thanks for the feedback Lindsay 🙂

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