Let’s go fly a kite… it Carnaby that hard

For sixty one years the Sunshine Festival has been a proud community event, showcasing all the Midwest has to offer and this year NACC NRM joined the festivities to highlight the plight of one of the region’s threatened birds – Carnaby’s Black-cockatoos.

And what better way to promote awareness of this threatened bird – than with the magic of flight!

That is right, to help ‘shine a kite’ on Carnaby’s Black-cockatoos, NACC NRM borrowed animalistic kites from the Carnaby’s Cockatoo Action Group – a volunteer organisation made up of Birdlife WA members and concerned public that are passionate about the conservation of Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoos.

The two metre kites are emblazoned with the Carnaby’s image and used to raise awareness of the plight of the Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo.

NACC NRM’s Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle organised the event and was on hand during the Sunshine Festival to offer festival goers the chance to fly a kite and see how Carnaby’s used to fill the sky in days gone by.

Jarna Kendle said the kites are a wonderful way to engage the public visually and tactically.

‘Parents and kids alike enjoyed taking a break from the bustle of the show and heading down the beach to fly a kite.’

She added ‘the Northern Agricultural Region contains important Black-cockatoo habitat and is home to the northernmost population of Carnaby Black-cockatoos.’

‘The overall population of Black-cockatoos has declined greatly in recent decades, due mostly to the loss and fragmentation of their preferred habitats that include woodlands dominated by eucalypts such as Wandoo and Salmon Gum, as well as heathlands.’

If you want to get involved in conservation of Carnaby’s Black-cockatoos then keep Sunday, 5 April 2020 free – it is the date of the annual Great Cocky Count. And NACC NRM will again be partnering with Birdlife Midwest-Geraldton to count the Chapman Valley population. For more information about this event please visit https://birdlife.org.au/projects/southwest-black-cockatoo-recovery/great-cocky-count-swbc

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Many thanks Jarna & NACC
I look forward to seeing you again on the amazing Foreshore maybe at 2020 Harmony Day 14th March
NACC support other groups is always received well by our community

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