Learning on Wattandee Land at MARP Regional Meeting

Recently our Aboriginal Custodianship team held a Midwest Aboriginal Ranger Program (MARP) Regional Meeting. Hosted by Wattandee Littlewell Aboriginal Corporation (WLAC), we were welcomed onto Wattandee land in Mingenew and Dongara.

Our first day was in Mingenew with WLAC members Thomas Cameron and Tristan Mongoo giving us a rundown of the history of Mingenew and the Wattandee people. We were treated to an incredible Smoking Ceremony to welcome all guests and ward off bad spirits.

Day 1 of the MARP Regional Meeting, Mingenew

Programs and Operations Manager Kane Watson later gave an update on what has been going on at NACC NRM over the past couple of months, and all our Ranger teams spoke on what they had been up to as well. Later, we traveled to Littlewell where Thomas told us about the history, and his experiences growing up there as a child, followed by the WLAC crew performing dances to tell the stories of the land and the people. We then moved on to Mingenew Hill and Depot Hill to learn about the way the Wattandee people lived on this land.

Day two was in Dongara, with Thomas, Tristan, and their family once again delivering an amazing smoking ceremony, welcoming all the guests to Country. We then embarked on a walk along the Irwin River, where we learned about the historical relevance to the Wattandee people, and heard stories about the Rainbow Serpent and how the river came about. Later in the day, everyone took part in a wrap-up of the day, passing around the talking stick and hearing what everyone had enjoyed learning over both days.

Day 2 of the MARP Regional Meeting, Dongara

Western Mulga Aboriginal Ranger Beau Walley said he got a lot out of the MARP Meeting!

“It was very good to gain more knowledge; knowledge is the key to a better understanding and being able to pass it down to the next generations.”

Christine Drayton from DBCA also said she loved taking part in the meeting.

“I enjoyed it a lot, I’ve learned so much and it has been a great couple of days.”

It was another great MARP regional meeting for the books! Aboriginal Rangers from different places come together, connected, and shared how we each care for Country, whilst learning from each other. It was wonderful getting everyone together and highlighting the important work that our MARP crew does. A big thank you goes out to the Wattandee Littlewell Aboriginal Corporation for being amazing hosts, we look forward to our next regional meeting.

This project is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Indigenous Australians Agency.

Taj Mamid – Midwest Aboriginal Ranger Program Administration Support Officer

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