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This week I was incredibly fortunate to experience the “Yamaji Drive Trail” – a day-trip bus tour organised by the City of Greater Geraldton – and which I’d now recommend to everyone in the district.

Along with a bunch of other day-trippers, I enjoyed an exciting and informative tour around some of the most significant Aboriginal sites in Geraldton and its hinterland, and in the process, learnt a lot about our region’s Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Lead by Donna Ronan and her father Rob Ronan, and augmented by insights from other Aboriginal elders who joined the excursion, the tour provided a fantastic opportunity to learn more about our region, its Aboriginal history, and some of the significant sites in and around Geraldton.

I’ll leave it to my Twitter posts from the day to provide some insight into where we went, and what we saw, but I do want to thank Donna and Rob, and everyone else who contributed to my learning; and to the women at Bundiyarra who provided a magnificent lunch of kangaroo tail stew and damper.

Perhaps the most lasting impression that I gathered from the bus-tour was just how much rich local history and knowledge is tucked-away in caves and creeks and coastlines around our region (some now inaccessible), that people pass by every day, without knowing of their significance, nor of the fascinating stories they harbour.

I’d like to thank the City of Greater Geraldton, and our NACC team members Bianca McNeair and Greg Burrows for all the work that they are doing in the region to encourage greater Aboriginal awareness, engagement and participation in natural resource management. They are doing a great job.

Richard McLellan


Read more about NACC’s Aboriginal Participation Program.


sounds good. must keep it in mind. Is the trail marked on the Trails WA app? (cannot download as I need iOS8 or better)

It doesn’t look like it is on the app as far as I can see Pauline. Something that CGG should look into and we will pass your feedback to them. I do know however that you can collected the map free of charge at one of the following locations:- Geraldton Visitors Centre – WA Museum Geraldton – Geraldton Library

Not everyone who reads this are on Twitter or Facebook. Might it be possible to transfer the Twitter info onto this site, please.? I for one, would be very interested to read more, even though I don’t live in the Geraldton region or Twit about as one of the Faceless persons on Facebook.

Might I point out that this kind of forum for passing on info. was first in the reaching out through technology, but now many, many of us are being left behind, annoyed & forgotten about (??) & all too much is ONLY ON Facebook/Twitter- which I thought were to be just that!!!! a Tweet.

Very valid points Frances, thankyou for your feedback. Getting our message, information and news out effectively to our community members and our followers is of the highest priority for us at NACC. We communicate with a number of platforms other than social media such as our weekly e-newsletter, the NACC website as well as strong liaison with local, regional and national media. I will flick you an email to discuss the best way we can get our information to you.

Sounds good, congrats all round – hopefully we will have more to add in the future

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