Landholders Still Feeling the Sting of Cyclone Seroja

Last month our Biodiversity Project Officer Sam Comito headed out to learn about all things perennial and have a chat with Mingenew landholders about their personal experiences following on from the devastating impacts of Cyclone Seroja.

Whilst pasture was the main item on the agenda, participants found some time to chew the cud about their individual Seroja experiences. Landholders shared how they went about rebuilding their properties, businesses, and natural assets in the wake of the event.

Cyclone damage at Perenjori. Pic. Iain Gillespie, The West Australian

One key theme was that the impacts are still extremely fresh for the landholders, who expressed fatigue at the whole process. NACC NRM is working to help these communities for future extreme weather events and in partnership with local shires of Mingenew, Morawa and Perenjori, is exploring ways to revegetate and restore vegetation with the key goal of it being resilient and safe.  

Thank you to the local landholders that shared their experiences in both perennial farming and severe weather impacts. ‘In the Wake of the Storm’ aims to build preparedness and resilience for our rural communities.  

This project funded by the Commonwealth Government, Preparing Australian Communities – local stream grant.

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