Landcare action on Gunnado

What are you Gunnado?

NACC recently teamed-up with the Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation to conduct a successful and productive planning session to help rehabilitate a site on Gunnado Farm.

Gunnado farm is a valuable land asset owned by the Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation.

Visiting Gunnado farm site.
Visiting Gunnado farm site.

Located east of Walkaway, and the farm harbours some of the region’s significant cultural and ecological values.

However, some parts of the farm, such as the site chosen for rehabilitation, face land degradation issues such as weeds and pests, overstocking, and water erosion.

The day, which was supported by NACC through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, attracted attendance from the board and staff members of the Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation, NACC staff, local landscape designer, and local staff from the Department of Sports and Recreation WA.

The day started with an excellent presentation on the history of the farm by the Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation’s Operation Manager Merrilyn Green, followed by an interesting and  enjoyable tour of key areas of the property which contain important cultural, ecological and recreational values.

The program finished with a valuable discussion on the range of Landcare issues on the farm, and pathways for the future.

NACC Regional Landcare Facilitator Stanley Yokwe, who helped the Corporation’s team organise the day said: “The Gunnado property is a great community asset that contains some of the region’s unique biodiversity values and stunning recreational features. Given the increasing Landcare issues in the property, it’s important that efforts to address these are supported to avoid further degradation.”

“I’m glad NACC is on the front foot in helping our local Aboriginal group to look after the farm,” he said.

NACC staff members Greg Burrows, Stanley Yokwe and Bianca McNeair attended the day and extended their thanks and congratulations to Merrilyn Green of Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation, who was the driving-force behind the day’s organisation and success.

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