Ladies of Landcare Luncheon

On Wednesday the 5th of August some of the ladies from NACC NRM joined 30 local Dalwallinu women who gathered together for a Ladies Landcare Luncheon, as part of National Landcare Week.

The luncheon, supported by NACC NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, provided the opportunity for local ladies to learn about landcare, soil health, salinity management and sustainable rural living practices.

Fiona Blackham of Gaia Permaculture kicked off the day with how to combat hot and dry conditions for soil improvement, by reiterating that “soil is the best place to hold water so it is important to keep it healthy”. By increasing soil organic matter through compost systems, soil biological properties are improved which results in root elongation and abundance which, in turn, increases access to nutrients and water.

Our very own Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator Lizzie King gave the ladies a brief overview of NACC NRM’s work in the local area, our iconic (and local) Malleefowl species, and the importance of remnant vegetation and biodiversity on farm. 

In the afternoon, Ella Maesepp of Katanning Eco Home shared her experiences of getting her family on board with a low waste, sustainable rural lifestyle. Ella stressed that tackling waste at a family level is worth tackling slowly so that everyone in the family can be part of the journey.

Ella’s top tips for reducing waste included: 

• Avoid double packaging 

• Buy in bulk 

• Bring your own container 

• Use the most recyclable choice of packaging- limit your plastics! 

Check out our CEO’s twitter feed for more tips and insights from speakers on the day @Kat_Allen_NRM.

A big thank you goes out to the team at the Liebe Group for supporting this amazing event with us. We are optimistic that everyone went away from the day with some new tips and tricks on sustainability and waste free living.

If would like more information on landcare, sustainability or minimal waste living, please get in touch with our Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators –

Annabelle Garratt (E) or (P) 0448 986 879

Lizzie King (E) or (P) 0447 361 335

Annabelle Garratt & Lizzie King – Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators

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