King of the bush

Near the town of Latham, two local farmers share a strong connection to their farm and a love for the wildlife it supports.

Steve and Narelle King of Perenjori have taken on a commitment to their local biodiversity by protecting 51 hectares of remnant vegetation on their property through NACC’s Habitat Fencing Incentive.

The King’s breakaway country is home to an amazing array of birdlife – including kestrels, masked wood swallows and wrens. Cheeky echidnas and kangaroos can regularly be seen there.

Narelle recently shared with Perenjori-based NACC NRM Officer Sarah Gilleland that she loves to start every morning with a coffee, and then she and Steve drive around the farm to check on the sheep whilst enjoying the beautiful breakaway country and the bushland that it hosts.

Taking the decision to protect the bushland on their property is a true reflection of the King’s appreciation for the landscape of the Northern Agricultural Region.

Narelle said it didn’t take her long to realise just how precious her property was to her, and the hundreds of native animals that shared the land too.


“After purchasing our farm in 2014, we noticed that there was about 40 hectares of beautiful virgin country right in the middle of the farm and, after sighting wild turkeys, malleefowl nests and several other birds and wildlife in there, we realised the importance of protecting and reserving this unique patch of land,” she said.

“We also heard that NACC was providing support to local farmers to protect remnant vegetation through NACC’s Habitat Fencing Incentive, and so we expressed our interest joining the scheme.

“We found the entire experience to be extremely easy and positive – thanks to the assistance of NACC’s friendly staff.”

The King’s join an ever-growing band of local farmers who have participated in NACC’s Habitat Fencing Incentive Project. Since July 2015, more than 3,300 hectares of remnant vegetation has been protected, and a further 730 hectares is already committed to be protected in the months ahead.

For more information about how landholders can protect the remnant vegetation on their properties, please visit NACC’s project page.

 The project was proudly supported by Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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