Just a little bit fence-y

Wayne Boys is what the team at NACC call an advocate for Natural Resource Management.

His support for NRM in the Northern Agricultural Region, led him to host the Native Habitat training workshop for NACC staff on his Coronation Beach property last year, which resulted in a NACC Management Agreement to fence off more than 50 hectares of Banksia woodland.

Local farmer Wayne Boys.
Local farmer Wayne Boys.

The vegetation condition of this block is of excellent quality with coastal Banksia and Tamma as the dominant species, and will now be protected for at least another 10 years, as part of NACC’s Biodiversity Program Habitat Fencing Incentive.

This coastal property not only has great ocean views, but during the past six years Wayne has been involved in coastal rehabilitation projects by fencing off a large coastal dune, revegetating creek beds and fencing off close to 600ha to protect remnant vegetation from wandering stock.

“I hope that the public would see some value in my efforts to preserve some of these patches of bushland for the future,” Wayne said.

“I like to do my bit for the environment and without the support of the NACC grants it just wouldn’t happen.

“My kids enjoy coming out here and this year the wildflowers were amazing, so it was great to share that experience with them.”

NACC’s Biodiversity Program Habitat Fencing Incentive Project is funded by the Federal Government’s National Landcare Programme.

To find out more about this project get in touch with your local NRM Officer. Or visit the NACC Habitat Fencing Incentive page.


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