It’s what I do, but not why I do it

Goodness Festival Geraldton.
Kym Jefferies talking to community members about NACC projects at the Midwest Goodness Festival.

Two weeks into starting with NACC three and a half years ago, I sat at a big round table in Perth with the other four (at the time) regional natural resource management (NRM) Communications Officer’s, eager to learn all I could from them, soak up their valuable experience that they openly shared, and take it back with me to NACC.

At the time NACC had no marketing strategy, little brand identification or media presence, with just a dinky old website and newsletter … And after listening about the other Communication Officers work, I knew I had some big challenges ahead of me.

The meeting fostered a fire in my belly to make a difference in my local community – as I was a young 20-something year old who had  just moved back to Geraldton after living in Perth for five years, completing my degree in Marketing and Business Management.

Last week, almost exactly three and a half year’s later, and now as an older 20-something year old, I found myself sitting at an even larger table with the other WA NRM Communications Officers once again, but this time in a very different position.

I sat confident and knowledgeable, with NACC having a strong brand identification, a brand new website, a large subscription to our weekly e-newsletter, a strong media presence, a clear marketing plan,  and as the most-followed regional NRM group on Twitter in Australia … I sat there proud of NACC.

If you’re wondering if you are reading a staff profile article or my reflection, the truth is that it probably is a bit of both. This is because the next chapter of my life − that my Dad is calling ‘my sabbatical year’ − will be spent travelling the world.

I am taking 12 months leave from NACC, from Friday 17 July, to get lost in nature, to reflect on how lucky I am, and to explore more of the special places this world has to offer.

I know you will all make my replacement for the next 12 months − Alexia Parenzee − feel as welcome as you did me, and work with her to help make NACC even more productive and progressive.

Good bye for now!

Kym Jefferies
Communications Officer

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Good Luck Kym and all the best!

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