Is the food on your fork, from a local farm?

Have you thought about where your food comes from and how it gets on your fork?

Australian farmers produce 93 per cent of the food we eat, and feed about 40 million people internationally, every day.

From Farm to Fork, an initiative of Landcare Australia, is a fundraising campaign about getting together to enjoy awesome Australian food, while supporting the farmers that make it possible.

Put Australia on your plate this Spring by hosting a From Farm to Fork Feast or getting healthy with a Fresh Living Challenge. If you own a restaurant, you can even hold a From Farm to Fork event.

With these increasing demands on our land, along with drought, floods and an ever changing climate, it’s easy to see why farmers need support. If they can’t farm for the future by looking after the health of our land, our soil and our water supply for the long term, they can’t continue to produce the food that’s needed to feed us.

So raise your fork and support your farmers today by registering for a From Farm to Fork challenge. Please click here to register now

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