Irwin River Revegetation Beats Boxthorn

This months before and after Photomon snaps show the success of a series of planting events initiated by the Shire of Irwin’s Tidy Towns Sustainable Committee and supported via Round 8 of NACC NRM’s Coastal Community Grants Program. An additional 400 seedlings were also provided as part of NACC NRM’s ‘Elevate Your Impact’ Project.

In 2017, a total of 1,400 local native seedlings were planted along the northern bank of the Irwin River Estuary. These plantings were the result of a series of events including a school planting session, a business planting event and a community planting day.

The plantings formed part of a series of revegetation activities under the Irwin River Estuary Management Plan, which aims to restore biodiversity, habitat and stability to an area left bare as a result of the removal of the noxious weed, African Boxthorn.

This site proves that areas previously covered in Boxthorn can be effectively revegetated when planned and managed properly. The results are truly amazing and the photos speak for themselves.

A massive thanks goes out to all involved in this project, in particular Sarah Samulkiewicz-Taylor for not only her involvement with this project but her follow up Photomon photos. It is extremely rewarding to see the ‘after’ photos from successful events like these.

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