Inspirational and touching story from Chapman River Friends

In the Northern Agricultural Region, we rely on our hardworking and dedicated volunteers, and there are several volunteer groups who have made an outstanding contribution to their local environment.

The groups often devote many, many hours of their time each year to make sure the region’s natural environment is protected and restored for current and future generations to enjoy.

Such is the case with the Chapman River Friends who have been tirelessly looking after Chapman River Regional Park, and ensured that the health of the Park is maintained for many years to come.

Regional Landcare Facilitator Stanley Yokwe, who has partnered with the groups for several events, encouraged the community to take a look at this Digital Story, and hear about the amazing activities they have undertaken.

Mr Yokwe said he hoped the Digital Story would encourage more of the wider community to become motivate and enthused to participate in taking care of their local natural environments.

NACC thanks the Chapman River Friends team: Jenna Brooker, Alan Howitt, Virginie Carbonatto, Beth Teale and the late Tony Brooker for sharing their amazing river case story with the Australian community.

This film is dedicated to Tony Brooker (1939 – 2016).

This story has been produced by NACC through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Programme as part of the Regional Landcare Facilitator project.

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