In safe hands…

Growing up in a rural town in country WA has provided me with valuable insights into the challenges faced by small communities and primary producers, along with our reliance and impact on natural systems.

Add to this my constant amazement of the natural world, and it is no real surprise that, after completing my Environmental Science degree, I found myself working as a natural resource management project officer for NACC (try saying that ten times fast!).

I count myself lucky to live and work in this unique region and to have the opportunity to contribute to its sustainable management – in a really diverse and interesting role, which to date has focused on helping to create NARvis – the interactive website that hosts the Northern Agricultural Region’s NRM Strategy.

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During the winter months you will find me taking family road trips around the south of the region to play what I consider to be ‘the best sport in the world’ (AKA netball), while my husband and eldest son play football, for the North Midlands league.

It is always a great excuse to see the region and how the landscape changes throughout the season. In summer we love spending time outdoors, going for a run or enjoying our pristine beaches.

I also revel in experiencing first-hand how local actions contribute to the regional picture, and I jump at the opportunity to get my kids (x3!) involved in local activities whenever possible – from attending coordinated planting days, to picking up a few pieces of marine debris while taking a walk on the beach, or having a home composting bin – it is incredible how catchy their youthful enthusiasm is!

Seeing the excitement of my children and other youth involved in local environmental projects puts my mind at ease that the future of NRM in the region is in safe hands…

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