Improving in-season nitrogen decisions

In 2016, NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture Team, through the Farm Demonstration Grants, provided funding to Wayne Pluske of Equii to conduct a trial to investigate a novel approach to determine the optimum in-season Nitrogen rates. The trial was hosted by Eradu farmer Peter Freeman on yellow sandplain country in the challenging 2017 growing season.
Photo Credit: Wayne Pluske

Wayne has successfully completed his trial work and produced a report outlining his findings. The report focuses on testing varying nitrogen rates based on in-season decisions over three separate yield zones totalling 230 hectares in 2017. Each replicate had an optimum nitrogen rate calculated and applied based on 2017’s to-date rainfall and previous years yield maps and rainfall records. Wayne hopes that varying nitrogen rates at a finer scale across farms growers can increase return on investment and reduce the negative impacts of overuse of nitrogen.

To gain an insight into the findings or to get a better understanding of the project please check out Wayne’s report.



This demonstration has been supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program

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