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River / Creek: wila (Wajarri) wilu (Nhanda) waarn (Badimaya) bilya (Noongar)

6th July 2017

Volunteers removing rubbish from the Buller River site.

Iluka Resources Pty. Ltd. (Iluka) and the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) joined forces recently to tackle much needed revegetation and clean-up activities at three sites at the Buller River mouth and surrounding dunes.

Jumping at the opportunity to volunteer with NACC, Iluka staff helped plant 150 local native seedlings and removed around 90 kg of rubbish from the dunes and around the river.

The partnership was initiated through NACC’s Elevate Your Impact project, which focuses on engaging local businesses and schools in on-ground activities for environment outcomes.

Wayne Brockman, Iluka’s Senior Environmental Specialist said that “Iluka is pleased to support various initiatives within the Midwest community via its employee volunteer program.”

NACC NRM Project Manager Sarah Samulkiewicz-Taylor said “The volunteering program is a great way for staff to learn new skills, enhance team building and increase staff satisfaction.”

Iluka employee Wayne Brockman, planting native seedlings at Buller.

“Businesses of all sizes are recognising these benefits and are keen to be involved in meaningful action that gives back to the community – added to this is the opportunity to get out of the office and into nature,” she said.

The Buller River restoration site, will now be monitored by NACC and supplementary watering will be carried out to help the plants establish during the unseasonably dry winter.

Businesses in the Northern Agricultural Region of WA who would like to get involved in the Elevate Your Impact project are encouraged to contact Sarah Samulkiewicz-Taylor at NACC via email sarah.taylor@nacc.com.au, or mobile 0408 891 502.

This project was delivered by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council with assistance from the Shire of Chapman Valley. This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program, supported by Royalties for Regions.

Media Contact: Kym Jefferies Kym.Jefferies@nacc.com.au

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