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CapturePropagating up to 30,000 local endemic seedlings a year will now be a little bit easier for members and volunteers of the charity organisation Drylands Foundation thanks to a set of new benches funded through NACC’s Biodiversity Community Grants.

The new long-life polypropylene bench tops, with their strong galvanised metal frames, are designed to facilitate easier plant movement, reducing lifting and providing better access to plants that require high levels of specialist attention.

The new benches will significantly improve  nursery operations, as well as the wellbeing of workers, students and volunteers of differing ages and capacity of the Foundation, and help to improve the effectiveness of propagation.

The Drylands Foundation promotes the practical application of environmental sustainability in a dryland climate.

It is a registered charity which annually propagates more than 30,000 local provenance plant species for revegetation; whilst managing a farm, seed gardens and bee hives; and running educational workshops.

“Replacing 20 year old sagging and rusting nursery bench tops means that there will be a lot less back strain to move trays of seedlings from now on,” said Johnny Barber from Drylands Foundation.

“This will allow a wider range of people to engage with our nursery, and our bodies will last longer – like the polypropylene tops,” he quipped.

“Most importantly, our plant propagation will improve too. Flatter surfaces across all benches means that soil levels and watering are more even, resulting in improved uniformity of growth rates of seedlings,” he said.

There is also less work grading seedlings by size, explained Johnny, which will allow the team to spend more time in training more people in propagation.

Round Two of NACC’s Biodiversity Community Grants will be open in August 2016.

For more information on NACC’s Biodiversity Community Grants click here> 

This project is supported by NACC, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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