Helping our heathlands

More flora and native wildlife will be protected in the Northern Agricultural Region through a commitment to fence off 40 hectares of valuable, diverse heathland.

Sandra and Ron Webb, owners of Eneabba’s Western Flora Caravan Park have just committed to fencing off their park’s valuable heathland bushland in partnership with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC).

The Western Flora Caravan Park in Eneabba will fence off 1.4km on their patch of land.
The Western Flora Caravan Park in Eneabba will fence off 1.4km on their patch of land.

About 1.4km of fencing will be undertaken to protect 40 ha of valuable, diverse heathland habitat, through NACC’s Biodiversity Fencing Incentive.

Importantly, their bushland buffers an adjoining C Class Nature reserve to the south, which the Arrowsmith River flows through. It also adjoin to a large area of UCL land, west of the property.

Waterways are few and far between in this area hence protecting nearby bushland is crucial for native fauna who utilise, and depend upon, the river’s corridor.

“The heathland is so rich, yet also so fragile, so it is important we protect it,” said Mr Webb.

Western Flora Caravan Park is a well-known eco-tourism operation which has appeared on the likes of BBC Documentary for its unique diversity.

The Webb’s are keen to improve the area’s habitat for native fauna, and see fencing as one step towards this. They are hoping to undertake rabbit control works in 2016 to further enhance the regeneration of native seedlings on their piece of land.

NACC congratulations the Webbs, for their iniative to undertake NACC’s Biodiversity Fencing Incentive, and thanks them for their continued commitment to hosting and engaging tourist in the Northern Agricultural Region.

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