Helping hands make light work

Community volunteers are the heart and soul of our country.

They work tirelessly during the week, on weekends and even on public holidays – to preserve our precious natural assets.

Such is the case with the Northampton Environmental Group (NEG) who in the midst of the Labour Day Public Holiday, held a very successful AGM and ordinary meeting – for which NACC Team were grateful to be a part of.

Members from the Northampton Environment Group.
Members from the Northampton Environment Group.


Below is the lovely Nokanena Report February 2016 written by NEG Secretary Dawn Porter.


The farmers are a bit depressed,

Their land is looking dry

But we at Nokanena

Though for them, ask why?

(We’re a bit parochial)


Our mighty little watering team

Is getting settled in its action

Anchored firmly by our Syl

Who we address ‘Captain’


No, we’re doing alright really,

It’s a pleasant way to spend a morning

With help from NACC and MEEDAC

A scheduled we are forming –

We’re making progress with our plans


When the retic works well

It works really well

We’ve has a bit of a battle

But now the difference we can tell


It’s time again to make our pan

Choose the spots for planting

Invite our guests

And look forward to the rain


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