Heavenly Hectares – Getting a Lot out of Your Plot Webinar

Earlier this month we partnered up with our friends at The Forever Project to deliver NACC NRM’s first online webinar. Originally planned as a face to face workshop, the Forever Project put into practice the resilience they work so hard to teach, and the result was an online workshop tailored for small rural landholders, focusing on the opportunities and challenges they face when creating a sustainable space: “Getting a lot out of your plot”.

This web based seminar was an introduction course designed to inspire landholders to create their very own patch of remarkable, resilient rural landscape. In a whirlwind hour, Chris Ferreira covered the major points to think about when planning and creating your own Heavenly Hectares, and also stressed not to rush this process.

There was so much information shared during the webinar, Annabelle and Lizzie have compiled their top takeaway messages to creating a beautiful, productive, sustainable and safe block.

  1. Learn how to read your landscape, take note of the land, soil and vegetation types. Top tip – aerial photos of your block are a great starting point!
  2. Don’t rush the process- take your time and truly listen to the landscape.
  3. Look after your soil! Healthy Soils are vital and they will grow healthy nutrient dense produce. Start with a soil test and see what your ground needs.
  4. Planting the right plants, in the right place, for the right reasons. Take time to think about why you are planting, where you are planting and what you want from your plants.
  5. Slow down the water- after a downpour watch for where there is runoff, where there is pooling and where the water moves.
  6. Slow down the wind- windbreaks should be 50% permeable.
  7. Green frameworks- utilise a range of plant types and different species. Productive pastures, shrubs and trees are all important.

Remember: healthy soils = healthy plants!

This project is proudly supported by NACC NRM with funding through State NRM Program.

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