Gunnado BioBlitz – Connecting nature, culture and community

NACC is very excited to announce that we have been successful in obtaining funding to host another BioBlitz!

After obtaining support from the State NRM Office’s Community Capability Grants scheme, this Spring we will partner with Geraldton Streetworks Aboriginal Corporation (GSAC) to bring together nature, culture and the community.

The Gunnado BioBlitz is a community project aimed at bringing together professional and amateur ecologists – and those interested in learning more about their natural environment. 

A BioBlitz has not been run in the Geraldton region before, and due to this, NACC and GSAC envisage that there will be a high number of volunteers keen to be involved. The project location at Walkaway is only 20km from the city of Geraldton and is ideal for many residents of the Midwest. The overnight camping opportunity is also sure to appeal to many.

This 24-hour event will involve rapid collection of data about the biological diversity of Gunnado Farm – enabling scientists and other experts to identify as many plant and animal species as can be found in this limited time frame. It won’t provide a complete inventory of species, but rather a ‘snapshot’ of the species that occur in the area.

It will be a great way to engage with your local environment and increase your knowledge and awareness of what is in your own backyard.

The BioBlitz is a collaborative process, which brings together scientists, skilled amateurs, willing workers and interested ‘others’, with members of the local community, all working together to expand knowledge about the biodiversity of a particular location.

It will also infuse modern scientific knowledge with local Traditional Ecological Knowledge that Aboriginal people have in supporting the region’s natural assets. By working with Aboriginal people in NRM activities, NACC is improving the biodiversity of NAR ecosystems, and also strengthening social and economic outcomes across the region. And through infusing traditional ecology and modern scientific knowledge NACC is working towards taking the best steps forward in supporting our environment and traditional owners.

Watch this space for more information!

This event is supported by NACC and GSAC, with funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program supported by Royalties for Regions.

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