Gunduwa projects on the agenda

Connecting landscapes through revegetation and locating mallefowl mounds are only two of the many exciting new projects on the radar for the team at Gunduwa.

About 30 people gathered at the Gunduwa Regional Conservation Associations office recently, to listen to the array of unique projects which are being funded by Gunduwa throughout the next 12 months.

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These projects varied from the newest technology in identifying the location of malleefowl mounds, to the training of volunteers to monitor the mounds into the future, and the reconnecting of landscapes through revegetation – an exciting young leaders program encouraging young people to become involved in conservation activities.

Another key project to be funded over the next year, is a new and improved branch of tourism, known as Geotourism, which may change the way we look at our unique landscape and rich culture.

Increased research into climate refugia and whether it exists in the conservation stations is also planned. This research will highlight areas where these organisms survive during periods of extended drought and are able to recuperate once the season recovers and the reasons why. This will help us to better understand how the micro-organisms live in this particular area.

Gunduwa will also support the control of declared pests and cats which are detrimental to biodiversity, especially the small mammals, birds and lizards.

NACC would like to thank Gunduwa for the great event, people had time to talk afterwards and get to know the other project coordinators, and experience the fellowship in Perenjori.

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