Growing Great Ground

NACC NRM’s Growing Great Ground Project is well and truly underway and we want to hear from you.

NACC NRM is now offering incentives to all owners of agricultural land in the NAR to undertake works which will reduce wind erosion risk and increase the biodiversity of our great region. If you have been thinking of establishing native or perennial ground cover or undertaking on-farm revegetation, get in touch with NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture Team to have a chat.

NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator Callum Love said that NACC NRM is proud to be offering simple assistance to help land managers in the region to repair problem spots or to improve on-farm biodiversity, collectively contributing to improved on-farm biodiversity across the region.

Expressions of interest are open year round though we strongly encourage you to get touch soon to secure funds for this financial year. The EOI form can be found by clicking here.

To request further information please contact NACC NRM’s Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator Callum Love at or 0438 989 500.

NACC’s Growing Great Ground project is supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program.


Hi Callum, How big does your property need to be. I have 30 acres.

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your inquiry – you can get in touch with Callum via email at or by calling 9938 0116.
Kind regards!

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