Growing Great Ground – A New Opportunity from NACC NRM

Farmers and small landholders in the Northern Agricultural Region have received a boost to reduce wind erosion, increase soil carbon and improve native vegetation with the start of NACC NRM’s latest project – Growing Great Ground.

This project will focus on delivering on-ground activities on farms and semi-rural landholdings, as well as holding a series of field days and workshops that will involve skilled and knowledgeable project partners to get the best information out to local land managers.

NACC NRM’s Sustainable Agricultural Program Coordinator Callum Love said that through this project incentives will be available to assist with the establishment or improvement of ground cover and the establishment or improvement of native vegetation on-farm.

Mr Love added ‘this project will provide simple support to ease the burden and risks associated with the establishment of any groundcover or native vegetation and will improve the resource condition across the region.”

Examples of activities that will be eligible for funding include but are not limited to;

  • Establishing perennial ground cover (native and non-native).
  • Establishing annual native pastures.
  • Revegetation of areas devoid on native vegetation.
  • Improving the quality of existing native vegetation.
  • Planting of windbreaks using native species.

NACC NRM recognises that farm management is not ‘one size fits all’ and is willing to work with you to help make sure any works undertaken as part of this project are successful. And, if you have some works or a site in mind that might not quite fit this project contact NACC NRM to discuss further options.

For more information about this project please contact NACC NRM’s Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator Callum Love on (E) (P) 9938 0116 or (M) 0438 989 500.

NACC NRM’s Growing Great Ground project is supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Landcare Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program.

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