Great community feedback on Little Footprint, Big Future exhibition

Have you seen Little Footprint, Big Future yet? The exhibition is on display until 28 January at the Geraldton Museum.

NACC asked a sample of 56 visitors what they thought of the Exhibition and many were very impressed! Most participants (90 per cent) rated the exhibition as excellent or very good. A further 10 per cent rated the exhibition as good.

Of the 56 exhibition visitors, 13 per cent said they increased their knowledge in regards to helping the local environment.

Quite a few visitors, 44 out of 51, stated they would share knowledge with friends or family and encourage them to take action.

No negative feedback was recorded, with instead one visitor stating: “Hold these events more often!” Another visitor recommended: “The interactive catchment station was a hit with my kids so maybe expand to more”.

NACC's Rolan Deutekom with gift pack winner Kristen Fenby.
NACC’s Rolan Deutekom with gift pack winner Kristen Fenby.

Survey respondents were offered the chance to win a gift pack, which include a bag, stainless steel water bottle, t-shirt, hat, cap and reusable cup. Kristen Fenby was announced as the winner and said the NACC Family Fun Day and Exhibition opening was a fun and interactive way to start a conversation with her children about everyday actions that help support and care for our environment.

“My children were engaged in the activities and enjoyed the hands on experiences within the museum,” she said.

“Outside they loved getting their face painted as an Australian animal, jumping on the bouncy castle, seeing how waves work and looking at the lizards. It was a well run and organised event and we would attend again as a family. It was a very encouraging way of looking at how we can adapt what we do to support the environment better.  The favourite actives were the ones inside the museum e.g. rolling the dice, fishing, putting the bottle caps into the containers.”


The Little Footprint, Big Future exhibition is on display at the Geraldton Museum until 28 January. More info on:


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