Grass gets a pass

With every new opportunity comes a challenge, and that is exactly what was on the agenda at a recent NyPa field day held in Gillingarra.

A group of passionate and enthusiastic volunteers, and NRM practitioners, from the West Koojan-Gillingarra LCDC, Moore Catchment Council, Chittering Landcare and NACC gathered at a NyPa field day to discuss challenges, opportunities, and the future of NyPa development in the Northern Agricultural Region.

Out in the field for a recent NyPa Field Trip.
Out in the field for a recent NyPa Field Trip.

The day which was supported by NACC through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, started with an inspection of the NyPa project site in Gillingarra, followed by an excellent presentation by Rachel Walmsley of the Moore Catchment Council on their NACC-funded NyPa trial – which aims to inform and further explore pertinent issues related to NyPa technology in the region.

Key messages to come out of the discussion included the critical need for a collaborative approach to identify funding, and the need to conduct more trials in the region and increase publicity of existing NyPa project outcomes to increase interest and make the technology viable.

The event also provided the West Koojan-Gillingarra LCDC with an opportunity to share their amazing story of 35 years in Landcare through a production of a YouTube video which will soon be released and promoted. Watch this space.

NACC thanks all the participants of the NyPa event, especially our partners at the West Koojan-Gillingarra LCDC. NACC also thanks Rachel Walmsley from MCC for the excellent presentation on their NyPa trial, and Ralf Mulks for filming the day.

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