Grain the main attraction for women in Mingenew

When it comes to grain production, it’s all about the cream of the crop.

At least that’s Chela Lamond’s theory.

At the recent Mingenew-Irwin Group’s Leading Ladies Day, Ms Lamond, from PlanFarm Marketing, shared her thoughts on grain production explaining that domestic and overseas markets were the true ‘cream’ for Mingenew’s wheat crop.

Ashley Herbert of Agrarian Management presenting on successful farming enterprise
Ashley Herbert of Agrarian Management presenting on successful farming enterprise

To demonstrate Ms Lamond’s analogy of grain production, she explained wheat production as being ‘a piece of cake’, but the true ‘cream’ of the cake was the domestic and overseas market.

A break-down of wheat prices in Mingenew was a main talking point of the event, which brought together state and local government, non-profit organisations, small business owners, financial planners, agronomists and artisans.

Attendees also discussed factors in the grain market such as global crises, USD, domestic and overseas markets, transportation costs, production and supply costs.

Ashley Herbert of Agrarian Management, gave a practical and informative presentation, highlighting the key factors to what makes a farming enterprise successful.

Mr Herbert provided key messages for farmers and the farming community, reminding the audience that whilst in theory, the more cropping, the more financial profit there is to be made, in reality this is actually often not the case.

A smaller farm, for example, may have more arable land than a larger enterprise, therefore, highlighted Ashley, benchmarking has its limitations.

The finale of the day was a speech presented by Nyree Jane Taylor about her creative life as a dancer, stylist and fine artist (among her many creative pursuits!).

Solitude, whether it be going for a run, bringing the sheep in, or being creative in her studio, is so important to Nyree, enabling her to give to her family, her farm and the community.

Parent, wife or husband, chief cook, bottle washer, artist and farmer, it really can all be done, but time for oneself is key to sustaining a happy and healthy life and community she said.

”Gifting yourself with quiet to keep on giving” – a pertinent take-home message for men and women.

NACC extends its thanks and congratulations to the Mingenew-Irwin Group for organising such an excellent and wonderful day.

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