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Today the West Koojan Gillingarra LCDC had an opportunity to share their story with the wider community through a production of YouTube video – as part of the NACC’s Regional Landcare Facilitator initiative to promote the efforts and activities of the hard working Landcare volunteers in the region.

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“In the Northern Agricultural Region, there are several volunteer groups who have made an outstanding contribution to their local environment. The groups often devoted thousands of man-hour each year to making sure the region’s natural environment is protected and restored for future generations to enjoy,” NACC Regional Landcare Facilitator Stanley Yokwe said.

“To help our volunteer Landcarers get their message out to the wider community, we are giving them an opportunity to produce short digital stories that would be promoted via the existing network of regional groups.

“The digital stories are a unique way by which volunteer Landcarers can promote their activities in the region and motivate and enthuse other individuals in the community to participate.”

If you are a volunteer Landcare group, water group or ‘Friends Of’ groups, and would like to document your group’s story, please contact Stanley Yokwe, NACC Regional Landcare Facilitator on Stanley.Yokwe@nacc.com.au or contact him on 9938 0105.

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