Revegetation ‘Gnow’ In Full Swing

With the change of season upon us and the days getting cooler, the biodiversity team is getting exciting for NACC NRM’s upcoming revegetation works. As part of NACC NRM’s Gnow or Never project, landholders in the Northern Agricultural Region are planting 167.3 hectares of seedlings from Binnu in the North to Gutha in the east, to restore important Malleefowl habitat.

Malleefowl habitat is typically made up of arid to semi-arid low woodlands and shrublands. These habitats provide Malleefowl with a dense canopy for protection as well as resources for nest building and food. Malleefowl are omnivorous and consume a varied diet including invertebrates, seeds, flowers, fruits and even fungi.

Careful selection of flora for habitat restoration is vital to cater to these needs and ensure that any revegetated areas mimic the Malleefowl natural habitat while also preserving the genetic diversity of the revegetated area.

The process of revegetation begins long before the seedlings arrive onsite to be planted. Seeds must first be collected and cleaned before they can be propagated. The site also needs to be prepared which can involve installation of fencing, weed management and earth works such as ripping or mounding. Once all of these steps are completed and there has been sufficient rainfall, planting can commence.

NACC NRM Bushcare Office Jarna Kendle said there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a successful revegetation.

“When it starts to rain and the earthworks are under way, we get a little bit excited because it means that it’s nearly time to start planting,” said Ms Kendle.

Green Oil Nurseryman Ian Pulbrook said the project offers landholders a unique opportunity to regenerate otherwise unused land.

 “Areas that may not be utilised for cropping can still provide an excellent opportunity for nature conservation and landscape regeneration,” Mr Pulbrook said.

If you think you could be eligible for the incentive or to find out more contact NACC NRM’s Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle at 9938 0108 or

This project is supported by the NACC NRM through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Program.

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