Gifted Kids Comb to the Coast!

PEAC Midwest students sorting through and identifying what they found at St Georges Beach.

There were beachcombers galore when students from the Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program for gifted and talented students recently met-up with NACC’s inspirational Coastal and Marine team. 17 students from across the Midwest hit the beach – from Carnarvon, Mingenew, Northampton and elsewhere in the region – for a fun-filled afternoon by the sea.

Some students hadn’t seen the ocean for years, so were very eager to sink their toes in the sand and learn about the Midwest coastline.

Marine debris, coastal erosion, beach wrack and macro-invertebrates were just some of the topics introduced to them by NACC’s Coastal and Marine Program Coordinator Mic Payne and Project Officer Vanessa McGuiness.

After covering a range of activities at the Geraldton Camp School, everyone went down to St. Georges Beach to put their newly-learned theory into practice.

“I was absolutely amazed when we went for the beach walk because the students had remembered so much of the information we’d given them in the camp school,” said Coastal and Marine Project Officer, Vanessa McGuiness.

“Without even needing any hints, the students were able to immediately tell us the importance of beach wrack, and why we should always take our rubbish home with us instead of leaving it at the beach. They could even explain the concept of biodiversity and its importance.”

Vanessa said the students found many weird and wonderful objects at the beach, including sponges, whelk egg cases, cuttlefish bones with teeth marks, interesting algae and more.

Find out more about our marine life by downloading the NACC Beachcombers guide.

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Great to see nACC Coastal Team working with our future community leaders

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