Getting Moore from the bush


There’s more to the bush than meets the eye.

And the recent Magic of Bush Medicine and Bush Foods workshop proved it.

Learning about the versatility of many native plants including Sandalwood, Soap Bush, Eucalyptus and Wattles was all on the agenda during the workshop, held in Moora and hosted by Moore Catchment Council.

To launch the day Viv Hansen, owner of Binyaarns Bush Medicines, shared her knowledge and experience on collecting bush herbs for health remedies.

Sharing plant combinations and their diverse use, Viv explained simple techniques for curing the common cold, relieving aches and pains and even helping to heal wounds… and they are all derive from native plants.

She also touched on the importance of the bush and the special cultural meaning it holds to her as a Noongar woman.

But they say the best way to learn is to do… and so we did.

Creating a sandalwood scrub and eucalyptus ointment to take home and try.

A talk from Beyond Gardens’ Steve McCabe concluded the day, as he spoke about traditional food sources such as yams, which have been used by Aboriginal people for many generations.

He also introduced us to plants found in the bush which have been “forgotten” by many, such as the chocolate lily, Bullrush and water chestnut.

A big thank you to Viv, Steve and the team at Moore Catchment Council for putting on this extremely insightful event, and bringing us back to the bush.

To find out more, read the Moore Catchment Council media release of the event: Benefits of bush plants shared at workshop.

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