Getting a handle on Pyp Grass

Coastal dunes in Jurien Bay and Cervantes will soon benefit from a new round of Pyp Grass control works thanks to NACC’s Pyp Grass Management Project.

The successful project, supported by the Shire of Dandaragan and Department of Parks and Wildlife, has seen a massive reduction in Pyp Grass in both townships, leaving only isolated pockets of the weed at some sites.


Starting mid-November, control works will focus on eradicating Pyp Grass from existing sites and treat two new sites in Cervantes which have been added to the program thanks to identification by local community members.

Coastal and Marine Project Officer Hamish Longbottom said: “Publicity of the project has resulted in a greater awareness of the weed in our coastal dunes.”

“Locals of Jurien Bay and Cervantes may notice contractors working in coastal dunes and should not be alarmed by red dye used to identify areas sprayed.

“We have carefully selected contractors based on their experience and safety record. We advise the public to obey signage, avoid sprayed areas and also avoid approaching contractors while they are working.”

The grass selective herbicide has minimal impact on other vegetation but members of the public may notice some leaf burn and die off of the native Beach Spinifex Spinifex longifolius.

“Contractors will be working very hard to minimise herbicide use and impact on the coastal dune system.

This round of works should see Pyp Grass almost eliminated from several sites.

If members of the community have any questions or concerns during the Pyp grass control works they should contact Hamish Longbottom on 0448 459 127 or 9652 0872.

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