Geraldton Fringe Festival a ‘sustainable success’

Last weekend, volunteers from the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC), along with 2,400 others, walked through the gates at Funtavia to experience Geraldton’s fun-filled Fringe World Festival Hub.

Funtavia started-off in Geraldton as just a dream, but has now grown into Geraldon’s largest performing arts festival.

In a bid to make the festival more environmentally friendly, NACC staff organised for aluminium can recycling at the event.

“There are lots of things people can do to make an event more sustainable,” said NACC GIS and Sustainability Coordinator Emma Jackson.

NACC regularly provides cup washing stations and recycled platters for people wanting to make their events more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“It was great to support Funtavia to improve recycling at their event – thanks to Geraldton Scrap Metal,” said Emma.

Emma’s right-hand man and Environmental Officer Cameron Perrett said, “Over the weekend we saved a few hundred cans from landfill and I got to enjoy the festivities. A pleasure for me and a win for the planet.”

If anyone wants help from NACC to make their upcoming event a sustainable success, please contact Emma Jackson on or call 9938 0104

The Funtavia Festival will return again in early 2019 and promises to continue to bring Geraldton spectacular, new and exciting entertainment.

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