From Classroom to Country

On 21 August, eager to share some cultural knowledge with the next generation, NACC NRM’s Aboriginal Custodianship team met with the School of Alternative Learning Settings (SALS) for a day of learning at Ellendale Pool!

SALS provides support to students who have been excluded from school or are at risk of exclusion due to antisocial behavior. The program equips students with social, emotional, and self-regulation skills in order to reintegrate the kids back into the mainstream school system.

The staff and students were very excited to learn about Ellendale Pool and its rich cultural history. NACC NRM’s Aboriginal Custodianship Program Coordinator Priscilla Papertalk kicked off the morning by telling the story of Bimarra and the importance of putting sand in the water as a way of acknowledging and respecting her when visiting the pool. Priscilla then spoke about the cultural significance of Ellendale Pool to First Nations People, as it was once a meeting place for tribes to come together and share stories.

Aboriginal Custodianship Administration Officer Taj Mamid treated the kids by putting up NACC NRM’s drone, presenting the students with a unique perspective of the vast and winding waterways, and taking some great pictures.

Later, the staff and students split into groups and explored different areas of the river, learning about the importance of maintaining healthy waterways. The group reunited and finished the day with a yarning circle, where the group discussed the day’s learnings, and what they were each curious to learn in the future.

The excursion was another wonderful opportunity to discuss culture and history with a keen audience. Thank you to the SALS crew for spending the day with our Aboriginal Custodianship team, and allowing them to share their knowledge on Country.

Taj Mamid – Aboriginal Custodianship Administration Officer

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