Foundational Regeneration

Over the last three years, NACC NRM has been at work in the Chapman Catchment, delivering a foundational project to set the stage for broader investment and change in the health and function of the catchment and its production systems.

The project has established works at six demonstration properties that represent functional components of the whole catchment, from the northernmost section to the river within the city limits. These demonstrations are the first step in the delivery of transition plans developed for these key properties and will support landholders to evolve their existing practices based on sustainable and regenerative agriculture principles.

The plan is that these works, plans, and project learnings will pave the way for further investment in the regeneration of the Chapman Catchment, addressing the key challenges that present to the land managers who have the most to gain from a healthy catchment system. This project represents more than a path for farmers to test and evaluate innovative practices but also an opportunity to contribute even more to the greater good of the general population and other industries that rely on the health of ecosystems and our natural assets.

Aside from the key delivery activities above, there have been a few highlights from the project. One was the well-attended farmer and student field days, which included hands-on learning and practical demonstrations for students from TAFE and Clontarf Academy. The project also drew some media attention, with a publicised launch featuring the, at the time Premier, Mark McGowan, and the-then Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food, Alanah Mactiernan

As with most of our projects, NACC NRM has not done this alone. We extend a huge thanks to our enthusiastic and driven managers, contractors, and project partners, who have ensured the successful delivery of all project activities.

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.

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Great work by all involved. To be able to work out on country is a huge thing for those involved. Rod is an exceptional person who has a very good understanding of on-ground management systems.

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