Fodder, Grazing and Biodiversity

What are you looking for in revegetated sites – drought proofing for stock, habitat for native animals or increasing pollinators to increase yield?

Regardless of your response, Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group’s (YYCMG) Regeneration Field Walk provided a great opportunity to discuss further.

Held in early December, the event was hosted by Kalannie farmers, Rowan and Justin McCreery, and incorporated three different revegetation sites.

Dustin McCreery from Chatfield Nursery was the guest speaker for the afternoon and spoke about different species options for revegetation, grazing management and sustainable agriculture practices and different techniques to ensure the best outcomes to suit individual farm businesses.

NACC NRM’s Perenjori based Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator Lizzie King attended the event and said that a key takeaway message was to think about your individual circumstances and the outcome you want before you decide on what species to plant.

“For example you may want to create shade and shelter, reduce wind erosion, reduce water recharge or create a living haystack.”

Ms King also thanked YYCMG for the interesting and informative afternoon, plus the opportunity to talk about NACC NRM’s new project Growing Great Ground – which includes incentives that are available for landholders in the Northern Agricultural Region (

“The walk was a great opportunity to catch up with a group of enthusiastic farmers who are trialling different revegetation combinations to make the most out of challenging soil types, and planting for various reasons including creating corridors for biodiversity whilst also reducing water recharge, and planting Anameka saltbush for grazing management of poorer cropping country.”


Photo Credit: Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group


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What an inspiration this is to see farmers out in the landscape & trialling different species & techniques.

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