Finding the balance between work and travel

Working in NRM is as much about people as it is about the environment.

Working as the Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator my job allows me to work with people, finding that balance between production and sustainability.

Not new to the work of NRM, I have worked across three different NRM organisations in three different states with each presenting its own challenges and opportunities.

I’ve had different roles in each of these organisations, but all of them have involved working with farmers within our agricultural landscapes.


The Northern Agricultural Region is such a unique landscape, and when I have the chance to escape my desk, I love to travel around the region and see for myself the amazing and innovative things that people are doing.

Agriculture is an economic driver for the Northern Agricultural Region, and I don’t think it is possible to consider the sustainability of our environment and protection of our natural assets without considering the people and communities who manage these landscapes.

Perhaps a generalisation, but generally speaking an unproductive farm is unlikely to be sustainable, so I think we have a role to play in understanding the balance between these.

Beyond work one of my greatest loves is travel.

Within my first three months in Western Australia I had already travelled up to Kalbarri, out to Dalwallinu, and down to Margaret River and Albany. I love travelling both within Australia and overseas.

Living in China for a year gave me a greater appreciation for what a beautiful country and amazing lifestyle we have in Australia, but it also was an incredible insight into another culture and country.

I love the adventure of travel, the people that you meet, and the things that you learn. Not surprisingly I met my future husband while travelling and we have not stopped travelling since.

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