Find your park … and protect it

One of the things I’m particularly proud of is being an Ambassador for the WA Parks Foundation – a relatively recent initiative established by the current Governor of Western Australia, Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson.

The Governor has long harboured a love for protected areas, and national parks and nature reserves in particular, and set-up the Foundation to encourage “everyone to feel better connected to nature, and to want to protect and enrich Our Parks.”

Those interested can find-out more about the WA Parks Foundation on its website – where it’s also possible to sign-up as a member, or find-out how to get involved.

For me, it’s a simple as getting outdoors as much as possible, and visiting our nature reserves and national parks at every opportunity.

I did so just this week, by dropping in to the Depot Hill Nature Reserve just west of Mingenew, on my way back from a Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association management team meeting in Morawa.


It was great to have a break in the middle of my journey, to stretch my legs and ‘chill-out’ for a few minutes in the middle of the park. The River Red Gums and She-oaks looked stunning hanging over the billabongs in the afternoon light, and there were lots of birds and dragonflies, and other tiny critters wandering about. It was ‘just the tonic’ after a couple of hours sitting in a meeting room and car.

My personal adage on this subject matter is to “Find your Park … and look after it.” I’d encourage everyone to adopt a local nature reserve, visit it, help keep it clean and maintained, and encourage others to visit and help protect it too. The park will benefit from your support, but so will you and your family and friends. It’s now well recognised that getting out into nature is good for our health and wellbeing.

We’ve had a long-running column in NACC Notes called “Places of NRM” which has featured many local parks, reserves, and other scenic places. If you’re stuck for a park to visit, you might like to trawl through past editions of NACC Notes and find a place to visit. Here’s the column about the Depot Hill Nature Reserve. It’s one of my favourite places in the region.

Give it a visit, and help keep it clean and looked-after.

Richard McLellan,


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